Fundraising collections are an important way to raise funds for Bath Cancer Unit Support Group appeals for equipment and services for the Cancer Unit in the Bath Royal United Hospital. This policy covers the roles and responsibilities of fundraisers, volunteers, committee members and Trustees arising from fundraising activities where cash handling has been undertaken and protects the charity from mishandling of cash. Events include but are not exclusively, bucket collections in supermarkets and shopping centres, awareness days, fairs and shows. donations and any fundraising events arranged in the name of the charity.

The safety and wellbeing of volunteers when receiving, carrying, and counting cash from collections or supporters is also our priority. The guidelines below will also help to make sure that Bath Cancer Unit Support Group is fulfilling its obligations as a registered charity, so that we can continue to raise and collect money in this way in the future with assurance to donors that their gift of money is used for the purpose it was given.

Fundraising enquiries

All prospective fundraising activities where cash handling will take place , contact should be made to the charity fundraising trustee at or via our website

If a float is required for any branch fundraising, a request can be made to the Trustee Treasurer or any branch treasurer. A float request should be made in writing or documented in committee meeting minutes. A £50 float of 1x£10, 3x£5, 20x£1 coins and 10x50p can be taken out of the bank under narrative Float (Event name and date) and returned to the bank account under narrative Float (Event name and date) Alternatively, if time is limited, a float can be borrowed from Trowbridge Branch Chair and Trustees


The following consideration points in preparation for the collection day:

  • Any collection on the street will require a license for the local authority
  • Collections inside or outside supermarkets/ shopping centres /garden centres will need permission from the manager
  • Collections on private land will need permission from the land owner
  • A copy of the charity liability insurance will need to be given before the event takes place
  • Risk assessments will need to be completed
  • Give plenty of time to plan collections to ensure permissions have been given and all health and safety requirements covered and plans in place to stay safe
  • Collection buckets/pots, event stand and pull up banner are available to support the event. Letter of authority can also be made available
  • Rota for collectors to be made available with contact number of organiser for any issues encountered

Cash Handling

  • When handling cash, please make ensure collection containers are securely sealed
  • Cash should never be left unattended or in an unattended environment
  • It is prudent to have two people at the collection point at any time
  • For health and safety, we advise that buckets and collection pots can become very heavy. BCUSG will supply chairs for collectors if requested to do so, to ensure they do not have to stand for long periods
  • Transporting money should be covered in pairs and reduce any risk from transporting in a shopping bag/box so the charity name is not visible
  • Ideally cash and cheques should be counted and banked the same day they are collected or at least within two working days. If this is not possible, monies should be banked as soon as you can
  • It is important that any person accepting a cheque ensures that:

The date is current (normally six months from the date of the cheque but this should be verified with the bank)

The cheque is made out to the correct payee

The words describing the amount on ‘pay’ lines matches the numbers in the ‘£’ box

The cheque is not post-dated

  • On bucket collections, some companies expect to have the collection handed in for the company to count and bank. These circumstances will require a risk assessment to be agreed between both parties
  • Coinage does not require counting if the bank for taking the funds has a coin machine. Notes will require counting before taking to the bank to remove risk of challenge and loss
  • Monies when there is a need for counting, should be completed by two people
  • Monies that cannot be banked immediately must be places in a safe secure place e.g., locked position, safe, filing cabinet
  • Your safety is our primary concern. If you are unfortunate enough to be challenged. we ask you to hand over the monies without resisting and report to the police immediately and then inform your BCUSG fundraising contact
  • Any collecting material will need to be kept out of sight when travelling by car
  • If travelling to a local bank is difficult, there are other options for delivering the fundraising to the charity:
    1. Cheque to be make out to Bath Cancer Unit Support Group and handed to your BCUSG contact
    2. Bank transfer to Trowbridge Branch Bank Account

Bank Name -National Westminster

Account Name -Bath Cancer Unit Support Group Trowbridge District Committee

Sort Code- 60-21-36

Account Number – 74143026

    1. Bank Transfer to Bath Trustee Bank Account

Bank Name – HSBC Bath Branch

Account Name – Bath Cancer Unit Support Group

Sort Code- 40-09-19

Account Number – 41297708

Credit Card Payments

Bath Cancer Unit Support Group accepts payments through our SumUp Credit Card machines for donations when agreed by the donor.

Instructions are available on how to use the SumUp Machine

The Value of donation must be checked before handing to the donor for approval by card inserting the card or contactless when available.

Value of donation are accepted from £1 upwards

Personal details on the card are not stored by Bath Cancer Unit Support Group

Bank Transfers

Bath Cancer Unit Support Group bank details can be provided when requested to allow supporters to contribute directly from their bank accounts if a preferred option, with a Gift Aid Declaration on the website when appropriate.

A copy of the bank details from the Cash Handling Policy should be made available at fund raising events when requested


Policy Governance

Final Version 1 

 October 2023

Approved by Executive Trustees