The Bath Cancer Unit Support Group was formed in 1985 when it was being proposed that all cancer treatments should be moved to a specialist unit in Bristol. Several oncologists and Shepton Mallet’s Round Table formed the charity to raise funds to purchase a Linear Accelerator, which is the equipment used to provide Radiotherapy. Cancer treatments remained at Bath and it is now one of the four main areas of medical care at RUH.

The RUH provides acute treatment and care for a catchment population of around 500,000 people in Bath and the surrounding towns & villages in North East Somerset, South Gloucestershire and North & West Wiltshire.

As a result of having no premises or employees and being run by a small group of volunteers who generally fund their own expenses, BCUSG has very low overheads with around 90-95% of funds raised going directly to projects. BCUSG has 14 trustees and around 100 volunteer fundraisers.

Senior health professionals in the Oncology and Radiotherapy Units at the RUH put forward project business cases, approved by the RUH’s senior management, to the trustees of BCUSG for approval and fundraising.

Since being formed in 1985 BCUSG has raised around £5.5 million and successfully completed numerous projects unable to be funded by the NHS, that make a real difference for local cancer patients.

Please note: If you are an individual looking for help, advice or information about living with cancer or cancer treatment please contact Macmillan Cancer Support.

Oncology Services at the RUH

The department specialises in treating Cancer and Haematology disorders. Doctors, specialist nurses and pharmacists and radiographers see patients in the department which is situated in RUH North, Department A12.
The clinics are arranged to see new patients, patients on treatment and follow up.
The waiting room is used for patients attending clinics, waiting for radiotherapy treatment and chemotherapy treatment.
Drinks and biscuits are and provided by the Bath Cancer Unit Support Group and served by volunteers during the clinics.

Bath Cancer Unit Support Group Support Branches

We are keen to encourage new branches to be established to cover all areas under the RUH’s remit.  We have very successful branches in Trowbridge and Frome which organise local fundraising activities. We are keen to increase our representation in our surrounding towns and villages. Small groups are currently considering the launch of new Branches in Chippenham and North Wiltshire and also in Bath

History of our Charity

The Bath Cancer Unit Support Group started life as the Bath Cancer Unit Appeal in April 1979.  At that time the plan was to move cancer services from the Royal United Hospitals to Bristol. The Bath Cancer Unit Appeal raised funds to buy the first Linear Accelerator for the RUH and so managed to keep cancer services at the RUH. Shortly afterwards Bath Cancer Unit Support Group was formed to provide continuing support for the cancer unit.

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