As a charity, the Bath Cancer Unit Support Group (BCUSG) has no paid employees which ensures, on average 90-95% of funds raised are put into providing facilities and help for the Cancer Unit at the RUH in Bath. The hospital serves a wide area, covering Bath and the surrounding towns and villages in North East Somerset and West Wiltshire.

With no paid employees, volunteers are therefore a vital part of the fundraising undertaken by the Bath Cancer Unit Support Group (BCUSG).

The volunteering relationship is a unique one and is based on trust as it doesn’t involve any obligations of employment and no payment, other than reimbursement of agreed expenses.

In most cases volunteers need to be over 16 years of age, although anyone under 18 will need parental consent. There is no upper age limit.


The BCUSG is committed to creating and fostering a culture that promotes respect for each other and values individual differences. The charity will not condone, tolerate or ignore any form of discrimination or unacceptable behaviour.


The Charity will:
– offer equal opportunities to everyone who wants to volunteer
– match your skills and experiences with the right role
– offer appropriate help and support to develop your role
– recognise your contribution
– respect your views and listen to what you have to say
– provide information about the ongoing projects for which we are fundraising
– reimburse agreed out of pocket expenses
– make any suitable arrangement to ensure your health, safety and welfare as a volunteer
– encourage a positive atmosphere


The Charity asks you to:
– commit to our aims and values
– be a positive advocate for the Charity
– treat everyone with whom you come into contact with dignity and respect and understand that no form of harassment, bullying or discrimination will be tolerated
– work together with other volunteers, trustees and the general public
– support any policies
– ensure any funds raised are transferred to the Treasurer as soon as practicably possible
– respect and maintain confidentiality
– consider and protect the Charity’s reputation and act within the law
– let the Chair know if you encounter any problems
– ensure that any information and opinions you share on social media ensures that the reputation of the Charity is not compromised or will bring it into disrepute.


 Whilst undertaking the many activities on which you embark whilst fundraising for the charity you must:
– take reasonable care of the health and safety of yourself and others who may be affected by your actions
– follow any health and safety measures which are required for each particular event you are undertaking
– report any accidents or incidents to the Chair

The Charity may use photographs of volunteers for promotional purposes, in leaflets or on line. If you do not want any images of yourself used, please let the Secretary know and Event Photographer aware at the time.


The Charity takes your privacy seriously and holds your details securely. The Charity will never sell or share your details with any other organisation. The full policy can be viewed on the website at www.bcusg.org.


The Charity has appropriate insurance to cover volunteers whilst engaged in activities promoted by the Charity and for those who serve in any shops run by local branches. The Charity is not responsible for insurance of specific activities, such as skydiving, where appropriate individual insurance must be arranged with the activity provider.

The Charity does not provide motor insurance for its volunteers and it is very important that your insurance company includes use of your vehicle for volunteering within the insured uses.


Only expenses, agreed in advance, will be reimbursed such as travelling in your own vehicle for which the Government’s standard mileage rate will be used.


No comments or stories should be given directly to the media, unless your volunteering role specifically includes this activity. Volunteers should contact the Chair for advice on this.


The Charity is committed to safeguarding the well-being of its volunteers.


The Charity does not endorse or support any particular political party and it is important that it remains politically neutral. Volunteers are requested to be mindful of this.


Mr M Taylor

Tel: home – 01225 769393 mobile – 07714 087102

E-mail: Michael.Taylor@pearsonmay.co.uk

Policy Adopted: 24 April 2019