The Trustees wish to set out in a policy document our approach to the monies raised in our various appeals. Many donations and fund raising events are to produce funds for general use towards funding requests from RUH. On the other hand some monies are raised for specific appeals. It is the latter which we wish to clarify.

1. If the total funds raised for an appeal exceed to monies required to purchase the equipment concerned, the excess funds are part of our general funds and are then available for other projects.

2. If insufficient funds are raised for an appeal project and a decision is made to cease that appeal, the funds raised which are not used for the appeal which has been terminated, form part of our general funds.

3. If during the course of an appeal, the Trustees decide to vary that appeal or even cease it, the funds raised for it will then form part of our general funds.

4. If an appeal project is cancelled by Royal United Hospital, if the object of the appeal is no longer required, the funds raised to that point remain as part of our general funds.